Sunday, January 6, 2013


Tempted (Conquered)
“Feel me reach around to entice you, to dip my fingers in your dew. Feel me taunt your nipple with my wet fingertips. Taste yourself, as I now strum your lips and tongue. Bend and crash into me with all the recklessness of untamed passion. Feel me growing, pulsing within, hard as steel and ready to explode.

Now, come. Release with me, and feel liquid heat gushing inside, flooding you while I savor your loins contracting around me, while my entire body convulses in ecstasy. Then feel me withdraw, lift you in my muscled arms, and carry your trembling body into our bed, where I spread you across me, enter you once more and stroke your hair, as you fall happily asleep with me inside.” ~Alex (The Wall, Part 4)

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