Saturday, January 26, 2013

Swingin', anyone?

Everybody ready for a question?

One thing though, before I post it. I am running out of questions, so PLEASE...if YOU have one to submit...don't be shy. Share with me.

MESSAGE ME ONLY and please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Korner Kafé eXposed

And for tonight's question...from Anonymous ~

My question is....who out there has ever used a sex swing and are they worth it? I am debating on getting one but it would have to be removable since I have young children. Ha! I'd also like to know from those that have one or have tried one where is the best place for it....close to a wall or a wide open space or is there somewhere better? Just curious and looking for ideas. Thanks in advance.


  1. Well I had one with my ex and it was different. Had a floating feeling with it. Please make sure to properly secure it to the ceiling. It didn't take long for the action and then it fell down.

  2. We have a free-standing swing. I love the freedom of movement it provides. It does require a fairly large area of space to set up and use. It only takes 5-10 minutes to set it up and when broken down, we store the poles in a rarely used coat closet and the swing itself inside a duffle bag, along with the hardware. It was about $300, well-spent. I only wish we had more opportunities to use it.

  3. I think I'm afraid it will collapse and I'll go crashing down! I saw it on the Kardashians! haha, my sister made me watch I'm thinking I need to know the weight limit on those...

  4. I agree with Jennifer and where do you get one?

  5. They sell them at "adult" stores and some home "adult" home parties sell them too. I don't know the weight limits on them. But if you anchor it properly to a good support in the ceiling I think it would be fine.