Thursday, January 10, 2013

Care to discuss?

'Morning Everyone!!

I had this one up on the page last night.  It got a lot of attention..."likes", shares, etc. 

Korner Kafé eXposed

So, let's discuss.

Is it true?  Are there exceptions?  Is it too much to "expect"?  Are men simply VERY different from women?

I'm sure we can go on and on with this one, so...let's!

Share your thoughts with us...AND...have a...THRILLING THURSDAY!!


  1. I don't think it is that we are so different. Lots of girls are the same way. The thing is when you find the one worth fighting for that is when it matters. I care less about how many my hubby had before me because I am all the matters and rock his world as he does mine.

  2. Chance would be a fine thing! Anyway, I am always arguing with my wife when she says 'thats a mans job' - she goes crazy if I say 'thats a womans job'!

    People are people, gender is pretty much irrelevant these days. In the UK anyway, except in some religious groups.


  3. Ok, basically we assume they are not real men because they don't choose us( either because they arent ready to settle or havent found what they want). Women want to be the one the guy for. That's ok though. I think women might know what they want sooner but I think this situation could still go for both sexes. People just go through periods where they are unsure what they want doesnt make them less of a man or women. Of course their probley are exceptions to this. I have met a few...haha... but not all men.

  4. Typo...the one the guy changes for.

  5. True.this goes for man and a woman. Nice sentiment, though

  6. Not gender specific if you ask me. When you are in a relationship you stick with and fight for it. Also, if you are really in love with one particular person you ignore all others. If you're free and attracted but not feeling anything deeper, I don't see any harm in having fun. But, that goes for men and women in my opinion. I do not accept any excuses for cheating when somebody is in a committed relationship though. And if you're serious about wanting to be with someone, being with (an) other(s) shouldn't even cross your mind.

  7. Definitely NOT gender specific...I agree! Not sure if my post comment made it seem like it was men ONLY, so just wanted to clarify.