Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Tornado Of Lust

She hadn’t been lying. She was definitely a screamer. She dug her shoulders in the bed, pumping her hips as an Oscar-winning moan shot through the air. Cupping her pussy to dip fingers inside her, he growled, “Now, I’m going to tear your sweet little asshole up!”

- Book Synopsis -

Since Maria Applegate has had previous panic attacks due to phobias, she avoided the public and just recently started to emerge into the world again. She’s also connecting with her handsome neighbor, Mason Jones. She turns to their burgeoning friendship for comfort during a storm but gets more than she expected.

He asks her to dinner, manages to bring her out of a panic attack, and proves worthy of collapsing every inhibition that she can think of with little effort. When he wants to skip dinner and go straight for dessert, though, she applies the brakes. Unfortunately, trying to stop her own needs only serves to make her even more wanton.

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